Tasty Homemade Breadsticks

Coleen’s breadsticks taste like tasty homemade breadsticks. Coleen Graham started her business “Coleen’s Better Than Breadsticks” because she felt that there was a better way to improve on the usual drab store bought breadsticks. Her hands on approach and past experience as a cheese party planner led her to making cheese infused tasty homemade breadsticks that she now sells to the wholesale market.

Coleen’s Better Than Breadsticks are packaged in 4 oz. bags; 12 bags per case; can mix cases. These breadsticks are ideal as a condiment at Tasting Rooms and Bars or can be sold as a retail product.

To learn more about these wonderful tasty homemade breadsticks view our available breadsticks online.

tasty homemade breadsticks