Read what others are saying about Coleen's Breadsticks:
"I serve Coleen’s breadsticks for every gathering at my home. I put them in pint glasses and spread them out all over the place. This way, they are always an arm’s length way. My guests love to munch on them throughout the party and we almost always run out.” - KR
"I buy Coleen’s Breadsticks at a local wine bar. We like to buy a couple of different flavors and pair them with the wines. We enjoy the flavor profiles and have even thought of a few more." - RW
"Coleen’s Breadsticks are different from any other breadstick on the market. I love the artisan approach which sets them apart from a mass produced product. Each breadstick is shaped slightly different which tells me that they are made by hand. -MD
"My favorite part of Coleen’s Better Than Breadsticks is the sea salt. My approach is to lick all the salt off first, and then I devour the breadstick.” –JK
“I was given a bag of Coleen’s Better Than Breadsticks with a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. I set them aside and forgot about them. A couple of days later, I came across the breadsticks as I was preparing dinner. I opened the bag and began to nibble. Needless to say, I ate the entire bag and did not eat any dinner. I love them!” –JC
“I have tried every flavor of Coleen’s Breadsticks and cannot pick a favorite. They are all so delicious!" –LC
"Coleens’s Better Than Breadsticks are so unique. You can actually taste the different cheese profiles that she has put together. My only suggestion would be to come up with MORE flavors.” –BG
"My husband and I attended a Wine Tasting Class at my local junior college and another couple brought some of Coleen’s Breadsticks to share with the class. Everyone loved them. The teacher even devoted a class where he chose a bottle of wine to go with each of the flavors. What a treat!" –KP
"I first tried Coleen’s Breadsticks at a pub which offers a vast array of locally brewed beers. It is nice to know that there are still people out there that put in a lot and thought and effort into their work. Thanks Coleen. It is much appreciated." –JH